ROBERT RITCH ALUMNI – preliminary program

Program: 51
Dia: 02/14/2014
Room: RIO DE JANEIRO (capacity: 200 people)
Program Coordinators: Tiago Prata e Roberto Vessani
14h00 – 14h19 Robert Ritch Latin America Alumni Lecture - Paulo Augusto de Arruda Mello
14h20 – 14h29 Physical activity and intraocular pressure - Geraldo Magela Vieira
14h30 – 14h49 Exfoliation syndrome – new findings, new approaches - Robert Ritch
14h50 – 14h59 Functional evaluation in glaucoma: current and future directions - Camila F Netto
15h00 – 15h09 Pigmentary glaucoma: diagnosis and management - Fabio Kanadani
15h10 – 15h19 Using the EDI-OCT for structural assessment in glaucoma - Rafael Furlanetto
15h20 – 15h29 New minimally invasive surgical procedures for IOP control - Roberto Galvao Filho
15h30 – 15h39 The role of ocular blood flow evaluation in glaucoma - Sebastião Cronemberger
15h40 – 15h49 Lamina cribrosa and Glaucoma - new findings - Robert Ritch
15h50 – 15h59 The Association Between Clinical Features Seen on Fundus Photographs and Glaucomatous Damage Detected on Visual Fields and Optical Coherence Tomography Scans - Paula Alhadeff